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Sports-Badminton Federation Launches Transgender Policy Research Process

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The Badminton World Federation (BWF) said Thursday that it had begun an investigative process to make "evidence-based decisions" about transgender athletes' commitment to sports.

Badminton's governing body has decided to ban all men who have experienced adolescence from elite women's competitions last weekend after FINA, the world's top swimming body. The latest organization to review the guidelines.

World Athletics and FIFA are one of the governing bodies considering transgender inclusion policies.

In November, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stated that it should not be excluded from competition because of an unfair gender advantage, but the eligibility criteria. Define.

"BWF is currently following the UK Government's Transgender Policy Framework as a guideline for managing this area in both national and international tournaments," the organization said in a statement.

"But we acknowledge the IOC's recent recommendations and have begun a sports-specific research and evaluation process to make a fair badminton-related evidence-based decision for all involved.

Supporters of transgender inclusion have not yet fully studied the impact of transition on physical performance, and elite athletes are at physical outliers anyway. Claims that there are often.

FINA's new eligibility criteria have been criticized by transgender cyclist Veronica Ivy and have been described as "unscientific" by LGBT rights groups Athlete Ally. Said to be "discriminatory" and "harmful".

World Athletics Chairman Sebastian Coe said in announcing a review of the organization, "If it is a decision between inclusion and fairness, we always fall to the side of fairness. There is no room for negotiation for me. "

The rugby league has banned transgender players from international women's competitions until Tuesday. Meanwhile, UCI, the governing body of cycling, tightened its eligibility rules last week.

World Rugby banned transgender players from competing at the elite level of women's matches last year because of safety concerns.

Hockey, triathlon and canoe governing bodies have also begun reviewing their transgender inclusion policies.

(Report by Rohith Nair, Written by Hritika Sharma in Bangalore, Edited by Peter Rutherford)