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'Surreal': Amanda Todd's mother says fight isn't over yet as sextortionist convicted

"It feels very surreal."

Amanda Todd's mother, Carol, was charged with harassing and extorting her daughter online in 2012. It said it was still processing the news that the accused man had been found guilty.

"Saturday, of course, is an adrenaline rush for her," Carroll told Global Her News on Monday afternoon.

"Sunday we see a replay of the foreman saying 'guilty' and the judge asks 'if you think it's unanimous to all the jurors, stand up' and everyone stands up. It continues in my mind.”

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Carol came home and said on Saturday, she went out with her partner and girlfriend for a celebratory glass of wine. The news spread all over the world, and so many people came to them.

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44 Year-old Aydin Coban has pleaded not guilty to five counts, including possession of child pornography, racketeering, criminal harassment, and communicating with young people for committing a sex crime.

A jury found him guilty on all five counts.

Carol has been advocating for her online law and safety ever since her daughter took her own life.

"I am a mother and I will fight for my children no matter what. In this case, one of my children is no longer alive, but I have to fight for them." If there are, you are still fighting for them," she said.

I said there is much more to be done for She said that with so much technology and chat capabilities on nearly every platform, sending and sharing information has become very easy, but it can also be dangerous.

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The trial made sexual threats over four "episodes" before Todd died, using 22 online aliases that hinged on the identity of someone the royal family called a "sextortionist." 56}

Carroll said sextortion should become part of Canadian criminal law.

"It has to be federal, but it doesn't have to be state," she said.

Carol added that advocating for this change is on her next list of things to work on.

Sexual extortion or sextortion is the act of someone posting private, often sexually explicit material online if the victim does not comply with their demands, usually for money. Occurs when you threaten to distribute.

According to new data released last week by Statistics Canada, police-reported extortion cases in Canada have increased by nearly 300% over the past decade, but crime has increased significantly during the pandemic. did.

Amanda's case became known around the world when a video of her posted on YouTube shortly before her death gained her 14 million views.

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When asked what was the most important thing after Coban's trial, Carol said the fight continues to keep everyone safe on the internet.

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"Like I said, you can't take away the big and bad, but you can teach yourself to learn more." Tell us what's out there so we can use technology safely," she said.

Coban has not yet been sentenced in this case.

Carroll said he felt no sense of justice until he knew what his sentence would be.

A hearing has been scheduled for 11 August 2022 and a date for judgment has been set.

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