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Synchro swimmer faints in a pool around the world and falls to the bottom before being rescued

A fully dressed coach jumps in, swims towards an unresponsive artistic swimmer and lifts her to the surface

Coach Andrea Fuentes recovers Anita Alvarez, left, from the bottom of the pool after she fainted in the women's solo free artistic swimming finals, during the Budapest 2022 World Aquatics Championships.
Andrea Fuentes fainted in the women's solo free artistic swimming final in Budapest Later, regain Anita Alvarez on the left from the bottom of the pool 2022 FINA World Championships. Photo: OLI SCARFF / AFP, Getty Images

Andrea Fuentes responded quickly to prevent the tragedy at the FINA World Championships. ..

A US coach saw artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez sinking to the bottom of the pool during Wednesday's solo free routine, and she knew something was wrong. ..

Fully dressed Fuentes jumped in. She swam into her unresponsive Alvarez, turned her arm and lifted it to the surface, where she helped another person take her out of the pool.

Two-time Olympic athlete Alvarez was fainted by her.

"It was the best performance I've ever had. She went beyond the limits and found the limits," Fentes joked.

She was treated immediately Alvarez felt better all Thursday.

"Anita has been evaluated by medical staff and will continue to be monitored. She feels much better and is using it for rest today," said USA Artistic Swimming. He told the Associated Press in a statement.

"Twice yesterday's Olympic athlete Anita Alvarez's first aid and then Andrea Fuentes' first aid was tragic to our community. She gave her an extraordinary solo performance. He showed off and competed brilliantly in four qualifying rounds and three finals in six days. "

Alvarez finished seventh in the individual finals on Wednesday.

"Whether she will swim in the free team finals on Friday ... will be decided by Anita and her professional medical staff," said USA Artistic Swimming.

In her Instagram post, Fentes said Alvarez was much better.

"The doctor checks all the vitals and everything is normal. Heart rate, oxygen, sugar content, blood pressure, etc. are all fine," Fentes wrote. “We may forget that this happens in other durable sports. Some athletes can't reach the finish line, such as marathons, cycling, and cross-country skiing, while others help them reach the finish line. Sports are no different than any other sport. In the pool, you go beyond your limits and sometimes you find them. ”

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