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Syrian and Russian paratroopers conduct joint training

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Damascus, Syria (AP) — Hundreds of Syrian paratroopers participated in joint training with Russian responders in a war-torn country in their second joint operation this month, state media Reported.

The agency did not provide details about the training or state where the training took place in its report on Saturday night. He said the purpose was to train Syrian paratroopers on how to respond in different situations.

Russia is a major supporter of President Bashar Assad, with a broad presence in Syria, where hundreds of thousands have died and half of the prewar population has been evacuated in an 11-year conflict. ..

Russia was militarily involved in Syria in September 2015, helping to shift the balance of power in favor of Assad's army.

Earlier this month, the Syrian and Russian Air Forces conducted training in various parts of the country, including the edge of the Golan Heights occupied by Israel.

Four months ago, a week before Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the two countries conducted training. In mid-February, Russian troops deployed long-range nuclear-capable bombers and fighters. State-of-the-art supersonic missiles to Syria for large-scale naval training in the Mediterranean.