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The point: Trump took the risk of causing a "constitutional crisis"

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Lisa Mascaro And Mary Leakrea Jaronic

Washington (AP) —House January 6th Commission Thursday to show Donald Trump's pressure on justice The Associated Press's hearing is used to pursue false allegations of the then president's voter fraud and lead the royalists to suspend the recognition of the 2020 elections won by Democrat Joe Biden.

This is how close the U.S. is to a constitutional crisis if department leaders do not threaten to resign and defeated incumbents can put together a plan for the government to overturn election results. This is the latest report about Taka. Important condition.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger said he would lead the hearing and show "how close we were to losing everything."

Some important points from this month's 5th hearing of the Commission investigating the cause of the January 6, 2021 riots in the Capitol. The committee said the loss resulted in a deadly siege after Trump sent supporters to the Capitol when his parliament was proving Biden's victory.

Trump's Ministry of Justice

Every day, after the November 2020 elections, Trump pressured department leaders to delve into the false allegations of fraudulent elections.

Former Attorney General William Barr described the swirl of fraudulent voting theory coming from Trump's orbit as "whac-a-mole."

Jeffrey Rosen, acting Attorney General after Barr resigned, said the department was Trump because "we didn't think they were right." I declined the overture.

Officials told Trump that the state would hold its own elections without federal intervention. However, despite being repeatedly told that there was no fraud, Trump only put more pressure on him.

At some point in late December 2020, Trump asked Rosen what he found to be a "unique" question. Do you know Jeff Clark?

Trump was aiming for Clark to take over the division.



Clark led the civil sector dealing with environmental issues. He was introduced to Trump by a Pennsylvania Republican, House's conservative Freedom Caucus leader.

Clark circulated his proposal to the legislature of the fierce battle state so as not to prove the outcome of the election. By withholding their voters for Biden, the controversial states were able to submit alternative voters loyal to Trump.

Clark's idea surprised his colleagues. He suddenly got into Trump's orbit as a potential new lawyer president.

"It may have involved us in a constitutional crisis," testified Richard Donohue, a former deputy prosecutor's deputy.

At a heated meeting when Trump was floating Clark's rise with others at the White House, Donohue said, "Jeff Clark wasn't even capable of serving as Attorney General." I pointed out.

When Clark argued that he had tackled complex civil and environmental issues, Donohue argued:


The summons were summoned to a "fake electoral college"

The Ministry of Justice escalated its own investigation to Clark's Virginia, on behalf of the federal government, served this week on a national summons related to a Trump ally's plan to create a set of fake voters to nullify Biden's victory.

The purpose of the investigation was not immediately clear, but it became clear as the House Committee pressured the department to strengthen the investigation.

Republicans in major states, including Republican officials working on fake voters during the preparatory period until January 6, when Congress aggregates election results. There is an official of.

Georgia Republican Chairman David Schaefer received the summons, and Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald approached and presented him outside the Las Vegas car on Wednesday. Handed over the phone to a federal representative. Warrant. This is due to people who are familiar with this issue, are not allowed to discuss development publicly, and have spoken on condition of anonymity.


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