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Grocery stores are now much more expensive. These items are the most responsible

It's been happening for months . After reaching the bottom of the grocery cart at checkout and going to pay, I feel a higher total puncture wound than usual.

Food pricesrose 9.7% year-on-year in May , consistent with the April rise. From meat to the staple foods of pantry such as fruits and vegetables, flour and cooking oil, almost everything increased by 30%.

Earlier this month, Food Banks Canada said that one in five Canadians (23%) "eat less thanbelieve they eat" due to inflation. We have released data that suggests. 

So what exactly is pushing your food costs up? CBC News has put together a sample cart of 16 popular items to explain it — and its price has risen by $ 16.25 over the past year. 

The total is as follows:

A graphic of a shopping cart highlighting meats and fish.

If you are considering using dairy products, a product that supplements your protein intake, which is bad in that respect I have news. This week the Canadian Dairy Commissionhas approved an additional 2.5% price increase. This will increase the price of milk and items made from dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. 

The average price of 4 liters of milk has already risen from $ 5.50 in April 2021 to $ 6.04 in April 2022 over the past year. 

A graphic of a shopping cart highlighting fruits and vegetables.

On average,Fresh fruit prices are higher than a year ago It increased by 10% in April, and fresh vegetables increased by 8.2% over the same period .

Frozen vegetable priceswere relatively stableand in some cases fell slightly. 

A graphic of a shopping cart highlighting cereal and grains.

Main Street conducted aFood Bank Canada surveyonly Instead, according to a survey, 23% of respondents said they had less food due to soaring food costs, but about the same number (19%) were hungry but not enough money. I answered that I couldn't eat because of it. food.

"People often reduce food first," Rachel Wilson, CEO of Ottawa Food Bank, told CBC Heather Hiscox. "We always hear about parents who don't go to ensure that their families and children eat food."

March 2021 alone 1.3 million times across Canada There was a visit to a food bank that exceeded. This is an increase of about 20% compared to 2019. This was long before inflation occurred. 

"The number of repeaters is increasing," Wilson said. "This isn't once a month. It's people who need food on a regular basis throughout the month because they can't afford to feed their families. I've never seen anything like this in the history of the Ottawa Food Bank. "

A graphic of a shopping cart highlighting pantry items.

One of the main factors in the basic main food is edible oil. For edible fats and oils, in that category recorded the largest increase at 30% in the record .

Notably, there are some items that haven't seen an average price increase over the past year. They include potatoes and sweet potatoes that have actually been reduced in price.

Bananas haven't changed much. The lime is up, but the lemon is the same. And broccoli is one of the vegetables whose prices have remained relatively unchanged.

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Mainstreet Research surveyed 4,009 adults using automated telephone interviews from February 25 to March 2. did. For the same size, the error is plus or minus 1.5 percentage points, 19 out of 20.