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Toronto mayor gains veto power over city council with new law

Mayors of Toronto and Ottawa can veto city council decisions, set city budgets and hire will receive broad powers to enforce and fire the Chief of Police and the Chief of Health.

City Minister Steve Clark announced Wednesday in Queens Park new legislation that would take power away from city councilors and hand them over to. did. } Mayor, the state claims it will help speed up the construction of 1.5 million new affordable housing units over the next decade.

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The government said the law would take effect on November 15, effectively powerful mayors to hold municipal elections. be able to solve 75 problems in Only a few more days until local voters head to the polls.

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Under the proposed legislation, the mayors of Ottawa and Toronto would have to pay the bylaws if they believed they Authorized to override city council decisions regarding It may "interfere with state priorities."

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These state priorities are determined by the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Queens Park through regulation and state governments. effectively empowers A direct voice in local government decision-making.

The government said its priorities would initially address affordable housing and zoning regulations, but could eventually be expanded to include other items on state dashboards.

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Under the new rules, the mayor will have 14 days to review bylaws passed by the city council to see if they are in line with the state's wishes and to reject the decision within 14 days of the council's vote. .

However, the government stressed that he could overthrow the mayor within 21 days from his two-thirds veto power on the city council.

Veto power also extends to the budget process, which is prepared strictly under the mayor's authority and submitted annually. Speaking in the background, ministry officials indicated that municipalities "committed to growth" and "ready for more housing development" could be given the same strong mayoral powers. .

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