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The price tag for the World Cup in Toronto has risen by $ 10 million, a city report said.

Toronto is four years from the 2026 World Cup match, but the price of the event has already risen by $ 10 million, according to reports from the new city.

The estimated cost of hosting five games in Toronto is projected to be about $ 300 million by 2026.

The state and federal governments are expected to cover about two-one-third of this amount. However, detailed financial commitments have not yet been secured.

According to a report to Mayor John Torrey's executive committee next Tuesday, costs will be partially through access to commercial rights and other income opportunities that FIFA offers to event organizers. Expected to be offset.

Toronto was announced as the host city of the World Cup in mid-June — Toronto held a celebration among football fans in the city. The Tories were approved to accept the nomination in April , even though full funding from the government was not yet guaranteed.

The Toronto City Council is currently being asked to approve a multi-party agreement between the city, state, federal government, and Canadian football to secure funding.

However, the federal government has shown that certain promises will only be made after the national security and security plans have been completed. It is not expected until early 2023. The state funding promise has been postponed due to the timing of last month's state elections. 

If the Executive Committee approves the multi-party agreement, it will be submitted to the Council on 19 July. The council is also required to hire nine people to assist in planning and preparing for the World Cup.

The 2026 World Cup will have a total of 80 games. 10 of these games will be played in Toronto and Vancouver.