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Trump solicits donations after FBI raids Mar-a-Lago home

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Sarah N. Lynch and Karen FREIFELD

WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that the FBI had raided his Florida estate to protect his interests. I tried to change it for Text his messages and emails asking for political contributions from his supporters.

Unprecedented inquiry reveals significantly escalated federal investigation into whether Trump illegally removed records from the White House upon leaving office in January 2021 became. He did not say outright whether he would. attempted to portray the search for his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach as a morally motivated move, the primary elections ahead of the November midterm elections that will determine control of the US Congress.

"They're trying to stop the Republican Party and me again," Trump said in a fundraising email on Tuesday. “The lawlessness, political persecution and witch hunts must be exposed and stopped.” set up a meeting. In the bank he has a huge army of over $100 million.

His Republican supporters in Congress have vowed to launch an investigation into the search itself if they regain control of the House or Senate in November. House Republicans, including Rep. Jim Banks, were scheduled to meet with Trump at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Tuesday. He declined to comment or even confirm the search, which he disclosed in a statement Monday.


The FBI could not conduct a search without the approval of a judge who confirmed there was probable cause. The request will almost certainly also be approved by his Trump-appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray and his superior, Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland.

A White House official said Biden had no prior notice of the search.

"My guess is that this search warrant has probably received the most scrutiny of any search warrant in the Department of Justice's history," said the former judge who oversaw the prosecution of national security violations. Department official David Raufman said.

Earlier this year, the FBI visited Trump's property to inspect a box in a locked vault, according to a person familiar with the visit. FBI agents and Trump's attorney Evan Corcoran spent the day reviewing the materials, sources said.

Corcoran did not immediately respond to requests for comment. I did.

The search is only at the investigative stage and does not mean that Trump will automatically face criminal charges or be convicted of any wrongdoing.

It is a crime to conceal or destroy government records. Anyone convicted of violating a U.S. law called the Government Records Act is barred from holding federal office and faces up to three years in prison.

Legal experts said it was unclear whether the disqualification clause was constitutional. The U.S. Constitution sets out the qualifications to become President, Senator, or Member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Previous Supreme Court rulings have stated that Congress cannot limit the list of eligible officials.

This means that if Trump is convicted, he will likely face the United States Supreme Court, where the 6-to-3 conservative majority includes three people, to face public office again. It means that they are likely to challenge any attempt to disqualify them from serving. judge appointed by him.

"It is unclear whether the provisions set forth in the Government Records Act are constitutional," said Mitchell Epner, an attorney at Rottenberg-Gripman-Rich Law Firm and former federal prosecutor. "It's definitely out there and will likely end up in litigation."

It's one of several investigations that have focused on Trump since he resigned weeks after raiding and failing to bid to overturn his election loss. Trump continues to falsely claim the election was stolen through widespread voter fraud.

Recent polls show Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rising to fame as his 2024 candidate, but Trump remains He is the most influential speaker in the Republican Party.

But Trump has survived a number of political scandals, and observers said this FBI investigation of him could strengthen his standing with Republican voters.

"The Biden administration is only adding rocket fuel to Trump's campaign prospects and energizing supporters who want him to run again," said Ron, a Republican strategist in Washington. Bonjean said. “We need to be more transparent about the decision of this FBI investigation because it is overly political and you can say that Trump is being unfairly attacked.”

(Reporting by Sarah N. Lynch, Washington and Karen Freifeld, New York; Additional reporting by Brian Ellsworth, Jim Oliphant, Luc Cohen, David Morgan, Steve Holland; Editing by Scott Malone, Will Dunham, Alistair Bell) )