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UN Rights Officer urges Taliban to respect women's rights

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ZURICH — The UN Human Rights Officer urged Tullivan authorities on Friday to respect the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan who said they were facing the greatest erosion in decades.

In a country where secondary education for 1.2 million girls has ceased, women face hunger, domestic violence, unemployment, restrictions on movement and clothing, and lack of access to education. Michelle Bashlet spoke in a debate on the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

"Some of these concerns were before the acquisition of Tullivan in August 2021, but the reforms at that time were in the right direction, but there were improvements and hopes." She said.

"But since Tullivan came to power, women and girls have been the most important and rapid rollback in decades to fully enjoy their rights. Their future will be even darker unless something changes soon. "

Last August, due to the withdrawal of international forces supporting pro-Western governments. Tullivan seized power for the second time in Afghanistan. Their occupation of the capital, Kabul, ended the 20-year war that began with the invasion of the United States, which overthrew the former Tullivan government.

Mr. Bashlet said the authorities he met during his visit to Kabul in March would respect human rights obligations as long as they comply with Islamic Sharia law. She condemned the gradual exclusion of women and girls from the public sphere.

She urged Tullivan to reopen school for girls and set a solid date to remove restrictions on women's movements and clothing.

Governor of some regions is applying policies in a way that provides choices for women and girls, providing a window for expanding women's role in social and economic life. She said.

Richard Bennett, a special reporter on human rights in Afghanistan, criticized forced marriage and child marriage and restricted clothing, movement and employment.

"Despite the public guarantee to respect the rights of women and girls from Tullivan, they are gradually resurrecting the distinctive discrimination against women and girls in their predecessors. It is unparalleled in the world in disgrace and oppression, "he told the debate.

When Bennett visited Afghanistan in May, Tullivan's deputy spokesman denied human rights concerns. (Report by Michael Shields, edited by Angus MacSwan)