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Hearing of the US Capitol: Why do Canadians need to care? Extremeism, weighted by security experts

The bomb after the shocking revelation bomb continues to be unearthed at thehearing on the US Capitol rebellion, which is scheduled to continue until July.

Former PresidentFrom evidence that Donald Trump pressured legislators to overturn the election results, fromto, he was the CapitolTestimony that they knew the violence that was pouring into American politics, Canadians may think their country is far from what happened on January 6th.

Researchers plead for something different.

"This was seen in the United States, but now in Canada.people have lost confidence ininstitutions, the federal government, and the electoral system. "." SaidKaylaPreston, a doctoral student investigating radicalism at the University of Toronto.

"This is usually because false information is spreading online."

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Rebellion Preston said that false and often disinformation was the key to the Capitol's attack when it attacked the Capitol reflecting Trump'sunfounded allegations. The results of the 2020 federal elections have been stolen.

As Canadians followed widely shared photos and videos from that day, some found their country's maple leaves paraded during the riots.

Let's take a look at yesterday's photo. Who brought the Canadian flag to the MAGA rebellion, and why.

— Ali Harb (@Harbpeace)January 7, 2021

According to 2021, 680news, RCMP was unaware of the Canadians involved in the parliamentary breach.

With the exception ofProud Boys possible connections to the event(terrorist groupfounded by Gavin Makines of Canada), researchers have a Canadian relationship. There is more evidence to suggest that anti-democratic movements such as riots are deeply carried out. The public is not immune to the same false information that was widespread during the riots, they say.

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"This kind of uprising can happen in Canada," Preston said.

In addition, the political science of teaching peersTim Abraystates that the events and hearing results on January 6 "absolutely influence Canada's democracy." It states.

People working in the field in Canada may be careful if Protrump politicians are seen to be able to escape by "tampering" with the masses about election results.

"Political strategists are regularly hired from the United States to support Canadian political parties," said a PhD candidate at Queen's University.

The United States cannot blame the anti-democratic and hateful movement in Canada alone. According to Preston, many were born and raised here and stayed "well" for quite some time.

Nevertheless, the impact of the United States on our country is undeniable and difficult to ignore, says the University of Victoria'sWill Greaves

. It says. Right-wing populist groups — We see the types of activities that similar groups in the United States are doing and see their role models in them, "an assistant professor of international affairs told Globalover Zoom. ..

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"They have a series Of the tactics adopted in the United States that I consciously understand, I am interested in importing into the context of Canada to some extent. "

This is what Canada's National Security is doing in these groups. It means that you are at risk by. Canada will be a long-term ally.

"Canada needs a solid and democratic United States as a smaller and weaker partner in its relationship with North America ... [Hearing] is an American democracy after a very difficult number of years. It will give us an indicator of the soundness of democracy, "Greeves said.

Some of the organizers of thetrucking fleet, which occupied border towns like Ottawa and Windsorat the beginning of 2022, said Congress would dissolve. The occupation

did not have the scale of violence seen during the invasion of the Capitol, but Preston said: ”

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Some organizershave a history of white supremacism and racism Was there.

However, Greaves uses "unconstitutional, illegal, and inappropriate" tactics to create a strong connection between the convoy and the parliamentary rioters. It states. This includes blocking crossing the border between Canada and the United States with respect to truck convoys.

In March, the University of Ottawaformed a task forceconsisting of security and intelligence experts, including four former Prime Minister's National Security Advisors.

Two months later, the Task Forceproduced a reportthat published Canada as "not ready for the changing security environment of the world."

The 39-page document did not mention the Parliamentary rebellion.

However, it referred to the 2022 truck driver protest in Canada. The movement is an example of "siege democracy," a new threat to Canada's national security, as polarization and disinformation encourage riots, the report said.

Following the convoy, it soon became clear that there was a relationship between Canada and the far-right militants in the United States, citing the report.

In addition, "The polarized United States has become an unpredictable partner in recent years," he said, as one of four ways to help close the "obvious gap" in Canada. Recommended to deal with distrust of the government. In Canada's National Security Strategy.

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At the Western University of London, Ontario, international security and diplomatic and defense policy experts say the country Repeating the report recommendations for staying. Be careful.

Associate Professor and NATO researcherErica Simpsondoes not expect a riot on the scale of the Capitol riots to occur in Canada soon. tie.

"We learned a lot from the truck convoy in the winter. I think the Ottawa police and the small border guards of Emerson and Windsor have done a lot," she said. Told.

"I am convinced that those who believe in the rule-based world order will conquer this radicalism in the United States. I think the rule of law will be at the forefront."

Click to play video: 'Ottawa police learned ‘a lot’ from trucker protests as ‘Rolling Thunder’ motorcycle convoy to hit the city this weekend' Ottawa police learned "many" from truck driver protests as a "rolling thunder" motorcycle escort fleet that hit the city this weekend
Ottawa police learned "a lot" from a truck driver's protest that a "rolling thunder" motorcycle escort fleet would hit the city this weekend – 28 April 2022. Sun

But Simpson quickly starts the "multitasking" that Canada says it needs. This means she fosters a militant movement while also addressing other imminent security threats such asRussia's nuclear threat

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Misinformation is just one of many new hurdles the country is tackling, so the committee has been postponed for a long time, according to Greaves.

"We need to know if the money we are spending is in line with the goals we set ourselves ... a discussion of what we really should prioritize. Is a kind of thing, reviews will reveal. "

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