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An American detained on kidnapping and rape charges in Oregon after the Edmonton girl went missing

Found over the weekend An Oregon man arrested in connection with Edmonton's missing girl was kidnapped, sexually abused, raped, etc. U.S. officials said they were accused of the state. Monday.

Edmonton police announced on Saturday that they would accuse a child of seducing a man. As of Monday afternoon, no charges had been filed. Police say additional Canadian charges may be added as the investigation progresses.

A 13-year-old girl was reported to have gone missing because she did not attend school on June 24 or returned home that afternoon.

Edmonton police announced on Saturday that she was found in Oregon. The girl was with the suspect EPS Insp. Brent Darsade said at a press conference.

The suspect was subsequently identified as Noa Madrano, 40 years old.

The Portland FBI said in a statement that it supported Madrano's arrest , which allegedly seduced a girl from Canada. usa.

In another statement, Oregon City Police said Madrano was arrested in Oregon on Saturday at around 4:45 am. With a population of 37,500, Oregon City is about 20 kilometers southeast of Portland.

Madrano is currently being held at Krakamas County Prison in Oregon City. He will appear in the Krakamas County Circuit Court on Tuesday for arrangements and formal prosecution.

According to the county security officer's office website, Madrano was detained on charges of two kidnappings, one sexual abuse, and two rapes. I am.

Girl now back in Canada

CBC News does not identify the girl, but when he was boarding a plane to meet her daughter I talked to his father on Saturday.

On Monday afternoon, he said they returned to Edmonton after they landed in Calgary. He said he was happy that his daughter was back in Canada.

"We are still in the early stages of prosecution and we truly understand what happened and how it happened," he said. "And as the days go by, I'm sure more will come out."

He said he wasn't worried about where he would be charged.

"If that means staying in the United States while he goes through the US court system, that's fine for me."