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Boris Johnson, UK: Russia's victory in Ukraine costs too high

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Schloss Ermau — World leaders must be aware of prices to support Ukraine, including rising energy and food prices, but also admit that prices that allow Russia to win are much higher. No, said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

At the beginning of Sunday's Group of Seven Summit, Johnson said the West needed to maintain its unity in the face of the invasion of Moscow.

"To protect that unity, to make it work, have a really, really honest discussion about what is happening and the pressure that individual friends and partners are feeling. You have to, "he told reporters.

"But the price of retreat, the price of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin's success, hacking much of Ukraine and allowing him to continue his conquest program, the price is far away. Higher than it will be. Everyone here understands it. "(Report by William Schomberg, Written by Kate Holton)