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Ukrainian and Polish church leaders hold a public rally in Lake Country, British Columbia.

Ukrainian and Polish church leaders directly explain the war in Ukraine and its impact on Poland, which has accepted 4 million refugees.

Dmitry Bodyu, Jonasz Topilolo and Krystsztof Zareba came to BC. Earlier this week.

They are here to personally thank the Okanagan community for all the donations and support provided to the Ukrainian people.

Since the beginning of the war, Okanagan residents have prioritized helping refugees fleeing Ukraine and the war-torn country for their own safety.

"Their whole world is upside down. It's hard to understand how big a challenge this is," said a congregation member of David French.

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"But more than one-third of Ukraine's population, about 12 million people are moving, many in Ukraine. Many left and moved to different parts of the country, but it completely tore their world, "said the French.

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On Thursday night, they spoke at the Lake Country Alliance Church, one of the local organizations that showed support. did.

Ukrainian minister Body told the crowd that he was arrested by Russian troops and detained for eight days when the war first began.

The story shared by the three men gave many people a sense of reality, and the French say that meeting them was life-changing.

"When you hear what they are experiencing, what is happening in our world is trivial. It's almost meaningless."

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"What really happened there? We didn't always hear all the exact things we wanted information about if we were. I'm passionate about those suffering in Ukraine. These 3 here tonight People are telling us the truth, they are telling us their story, "said Church member Dori Hewitson.

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The church has so far raised about $ 20,000 for Ukraine to provide housing, medicine and more. Did. It's also part of a group of churches across Canada, raising about $ 1.2 million and sending money directly to troubled areas.