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UN condemns protesters' assault on Libyan parliament

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Samy Magdy

Cairo (AP) —Saturday Libya's senior UN officials by angry protesters as part of protests in several cities Condemned the attack on the Associated Press headquarters. For political classes and deteriorating economic conditions.

Hundreds of protesters marched on the streets of the capital Tripoli and other Libyan cities on Friday, attacking and firing government buildings, including the House of Representatives in the eastern city of Tobruk.

"The rights of those who protest peacefully should be respected and protected, but riots and vandalism, such as the attack on the House of Representatives headquarters in Tobruk yesterday, are complete. It's unacceptable. " Libya's UN Special Advisor Stephanie Williams on Twitter.

Friday's protests took place the day after parliamentary leaders and another Tripoli-based chamber failed to reach an agreement on elections during a UN-mediated meeting in Geneva. .. According to the United Nations, the conflict is currently focused on candidate eligibility requirements.

Libya could hold an election in December due to challenges such as legal disputes, controversial presidential aspirations, and the presence of domestic fraudulent militias and foreign fighters. There wasn't.

The lack of voting was a major factor in international efforts to bring peace to the Mediterranean state. It opens a new chapter in its long-standing political impasse, with two rival governments claiming power after provisional steps towards unification over the past year.

Dissatisfied with years of turmoil and division, protesters called for the dismissal of the current political class and the holding of elections. They also rebelled against the dire economic situation in oil-rich countries, where fuel and bread prices have risen and power outages are occurring regularly.

At the 2020 demonstration, there were concerns that militias across the country could subdue the protests, such as when they fired at people protesting the dire economic situation.

Libya's European Union envoy, Sabadel Jose, called on protesters to "avoid any kind of violence." He said Friday's demonstrations showed that people wanted to "change through elections and hear their voices."

Libya has been destroyed by conflict since the NATO-backed uprising fell in 2011, killing long-time dictator Muang Margadafi. Foreign government.