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"Unbelievable": Winnipeg Women's Clinic is preparing for the effects of a US ruling overturning the Roe v. Wade case.

WinnipegWomen's Health Clinicoverturns theUS Supreme Court'sdecisionRoev. Wade, a decade-old ruling guaranteeing women the right toabortionin that country.

The Supreme Court overturned the case law decision set on Friday in 1973.

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"I think the executive director of the Women's Health Clinic, Kemlin Nembad, means that the draft ruling leaked to the media earlier this year wasn't as surprising as it would otherwise be. ..

"But even with that preparation, I'm still shocked and stunned. It's absolutely incredible."

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Overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case regarding abortion defenders

Just a few years ago The unthinkable decision was the culmination of decades of efforts by anti-abortionists, made possible by the bold right side of the court, strengthened by the three appointed former President Donald Trump. The

ruling is expected to lead to an abortion ban in about half of the states.

"For me, the United States has just returned to the 1800s ... when talking about women's rights," Nembhard told680CJOBshortly after the decision was announced. ..

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"Don't tell me this is a reflection of what the American people feel, that is, a reflection of modern times."

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US polls show that the majority of Americans are opposed to overthrowing Roe and giving the question whether to allow the state to complete the abortion. The Associated Press-Public polls conducted by the National Poll Center and others have consistently shown that about one in ten Americans wants to make abortion illegal in all cases.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately condemned Friday's ruling, calling it "terrifying" and promising to defend the right to abortion in Canada and around the world.

However, Nembhard is still concerned about the impact of the US decision on Canada.

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Canada does not have the same rights to abortion as the Roe v. Wade case.  A 1988 Supreme Court ruling has made abortion non-criminal in Canada, but no bill has been passed to enshrine access to the law.

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Last year, a majority of Conservatives voted in favor of a legislative bill to outlaw sex-selective abortion. However, the bill was finally defeated.

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"We cannot underestimate the impact of that kind of rhetoric from the United States on our conversations here," Nembhard said.

Nembhard also talks about Manitoba's proximity to states planning to ban abortions, and what that means for Canadian abortion providers like women's health clinics. I'm worried.

"There may be a flood of people coming to us for an abortion," she said.

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Roe v. Wade has been overturned: Canada's Foreign Minister states that the US Supreme Court's ruling indicates a "dark day"

"Let's say if they are from North Dakota. Do they want to drive to Minnesota or Manitova? If they are from South Dakota, fly to California or Colorado. I want to go. "

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Surgical for a Manitova woman who does not live near Winipeg or Brandon Access to the abortion can already be difficult, said Christen Einerson, a spokesman for the Women's Health Clinic.

And she adds that Winnipeg's clinic already has 25 to 30 percent more abortions than it has been funded.

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"We already have a demand that exceeds the money we receive," Einerson said.

"We provide to those in need of abortion care, but that is just the axis of how much we can do when we are already ... beyond the limits."

Canadian abortion advocates say that unless the Canadian medical system is strengthened to improve the access gap to abortion, American women will come north for care, Canada. Warned that inconsistent levels of access to abortion in Japan can be confusing.

Roe v. Wade has been overturned: "The fight for the right to abortion is not over," Biden said

"I We are one-tenth the population of the United States, so in Canada, if people decide to come north, there is no way they can actually meet their needs, "Nembhard said. I have.

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"(That) doesn't mean we keep someone away. We don't do that. But , I think we need to see it realistically.

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"From a diplomatic point of view, it should be discussed by our diplomats and our government should discuss it with the state. I think.

— Using Amanda Connolly and The Canadian Press files

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