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What to see in Colorado, Illinois, and other primaries

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New York (AP) — A primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, with a constitutional right to abortion by a Supreme Court ruling last week.

This week's nomination contest may provide first clues as to whether the political situation has changed. Abortion is especially relevant in Colorado. In Colorado, GOP voters are deciding whether to appoint Republicans in the US Senate to support rare abortion rights.

And in Illinois, Donald Trump-backed lawmakers ignited a political fire over the weekend, celebrating the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case as a "right to life victory." It meant "right to life".

Primary elections also provide new insights into the Republican state. The central issue with virtually all GOP contests is to pledge allegiance to Trump and his unfounded conspiracy theories. Republicans who are totally opposed, such as Oklahoma Senators and Mississippi Parliamentarians, face fierce challenges.

Democrats have their own challenges. Voters in Illinois decide on a rare incumbent primary for the House of Representatives, but in South Carolina, the Democratic Party is choosing a candidate to take on South Carolina's Republican Senator Tim Scott this fall.

Preliminary elections are taking place on Tuesday in Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah. Nebraska is holding a special election.



Republican businessman Joe O'Dea publicly spoke about support for abortion rights this fall Was nominated as Democratic Senator Michael Bennett. Odia's biggest rival is Ron Hanks, who opposes abortion in all circumstances and attends a rally on January 6 prior to the riots at the US Capitol.

O'Dea said he would support an abortion ban and government funding for abortion, but the decision to end pregnancy in the first few months was "between man and his god." is.

Colorado has been Democratic for the past decade, but Tuesday's Republican primary heads to take on undisputed Democrats such as Bennett, Governor Jared Polis, and Secretary of State. Indicates whether the far right candidate is making progress. Jenagris Wald led the national battle against the 2020 election refusals.

One of them is Republican Tina Peters. Republican Tina Peters is a conspiracy theorist county election clerk charged with tampering with voting equipment and posting data online. Peters wants to leave Griswold as Colorado's chief election officer, even though the state's Republican Party has asked him to suspend his campaign. She opposes Republican Pamela Anderson, a former chief of the State Secretary's Association and an advocate of Colorado's mail election system.

The Colorado Parliamentary primary measures the staying capacity of the first Republican firefighter, Lauren Bobert, in the vast western district of Republican after the constituency change. She opposes Senator Don Coram, a cannabis farmer and moderate Republican.

In the Republican competition with Police, former suburban Mayor of Denver, Greg Lopez, is the only Republican elected state-wide regent of the University of Colorado, Heidi. Facing Ganaru.


Trump is a central issue in the Republican primary in Illinois, as he participates in most GOP contests.

Darren Bailey, a conservative peasant who, with Trump's support over the weekend, often reads the Bible in campaign videos, is part of the Republican territory of the six candidates. His rivals include Richard Irvin, the first black mayor of the second largest suburb in Illinois.

While Trump is in favor of Bailey, with First-Term Mary Millar, who is challenging Five-Term Rodney Davis in one of the state's two incumbents. We had a campaign together. Primary election.

However, at a rally on Saturday, Miller described the Supreme Court's reversal of the Roe v. Wade case as a "victory of white life." A spokesman later said he intended to say that the decision was a "right to life" victory.

However, Illinois Parliamentarians are not strangers to provocative remarks. Immediately after joining the house, Miller quoted Adolf Hitler as saying that "everyone with a young man has a future" is correct.

Davis is a strong and more moderate member of the House of Commons' top Republican committee, which deals with election law and the Houses of Parliament.

Meanwhile, two Democratic incumbents (Sean Casten and Marie Newman) are vying for seats in the Chicago area. Also, on the Democratic side, about 20 candidates are fighting to take over Bobby Rush, the only member who defeated Barack Obama. They include John Jackson, the son of Rev. Jesse Jackson, a civil rights leader, and Karin Norrington Reeves, who has the support of Rush.

New York

Governor Kathy Hokul, who took office last fall when Andrew Cuomo resigned during a sexual harassment scandal, is about to continue her work.

Hokuru, a Democrat in western New York, faces challenges from elected public advocates of New York City, Jumani Williams, and a moderate member of the Long Island congressman, Tom Suoji. I am.

Tuesday's elections are targeted at New York state-wide offices and state parliamentary races, while the US House of Commons and State Senate primaries are on August 23. Will be done in. These elections have been postponed due to constituency changes. A proceeding that led the court to destroy the new political map.

Hokuru, who served as Deputy Governor of Cuomo for six years, promised to regain confidence in the New Yorker's government after taking office last summer, but the deputy governor, who was carefully selected in April, was a major obstacle. It became. He was arrested in a federal corruption investigation.

Williams, heading to the left of Hochul, said, "I'm consistently embarrassed out of the loop, or embarrassedly made possible by her negligence." Suoji, running to the right of Hochul, said he wasn't tough enough against crime and suggested he should have gone further to strengthen the state's bail law.

On the Republican side, Congressman Rieseldin is considered a leading candidate in a crowded field featuring Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Westchester County Administrator Rob Astorino; and businessman Harry Wilson. Former Vice President Mike Pence favored Zeldin, who also enjoyed the support of the state's Republicans and Conservatives, but Trump did not participate in the race.


The US Senate Republican Preliminary Election is Loyalty to Lee's Former President to GOP's Incumbent Senator Mikely, one of Trump's closest allies. Play against two challengers who have spent months trying to doubt their hearts.

Former state legislator Becky Edwards and political activist Ally Isom attacked Lee as a split politician who emphasized governance rather than winning television appearances and Trump's support. Unlike Lee, neither voted for Trump in 2020.

Both Republican challengers emphasized the post-election text message Lee sent to Trump's Chief of Staff. selection. Edwards also stood out for disagreeing with the US Supreme Court's decision to revisit the Roe v. Wade case.

Senate primaries test whether Trump's split political and conspiracy theoretic brands resonate with members of the Latter-day Saint Jesus Christ Church, which makes up the majority of Utah's population. ..

In November, the winner will face independent Evan McMarin, a former Republican who gained support from the State Democrats in April.


Although parliamentary primaries are rare in Mississippi, two incumbent Republicans from the state work on Tuesday to break up with challengers from their party. I'm fighting to continue.

Rep. Stephen Palazzo is seeking a seventh term and is vulnerable after being accused of misusing his office due to delinquency in election funds in a 2021 parliamentary ethics report. Was considered to be.

Congressman Michael Guest wants a third term. He voted to set up an independent committee to investigate the January 6th Capitol rebellion and was forced into a runaway in criticism of being dishonest by Trump.

Both Palazzo and the guest were unable to cross the 50% threshold to fully win the June 7 primary. Palazzo will face coastal county sheriff Mike Ezel, and guests will face former Navy fighter pilot Michael Cassidy, who emphasized his loyalty to Trump.


The Republicans have elected two US Senator candidates on Tuesday.

A crowd of prominent Republican candidates is fighting to replace retired Sen. Jim Inhofe, including former Trump Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, has resigned from the Washington Post under a cloud of ethical scandals. Other candidates include Congressman Mark Twain Morin. T. W. Shannon, the first Black House chairman of the Legislature. And Luke Holland, Inhofe's longtime Chief of Staff.

Republican Senator James Lankford faces his own major test centered on Trump.

One of the most conservative members of the Senate, Rankford, faced backlash from Trump supporters for not accepting the former president's lies about fraudulent elections.Rankford faces Tulsa Evangelical Rev. Jackson Lameier, a political newcomer approved by former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.


Tuesday's judge said on the same day that voters decide who should serve the Republican term, long-time Nebraska Legislature Jeff.・ Judge Fortenbury for election donations. Fortenbury resigned in March.

Republican Mike Flood is backed to win an election in a pro-Republican district over Democratic Patty Pansing Brooks. Both are members of the state legislature.

Floods and Pansing Brooks will face each other again in the November general elections, regardless of who won the special elections. The eastern part of Nebraska includes parts of Lincoln and the outskirts of Omaha, as well as rural areas.


New York Associated Press writer Michelle Price. Sarah Burnett in Chicago. Somets in Salt Lake City. Jim Anderson in Denver; Grant Schulte in Omaha, Nebraska. Sean Murphy from Oklahoma City. Jeffrey Collins of Columbia, South Carolina contributed to this report.