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A widow of a Toronto police officer who was killed on duty said

Margaret North Wrap has been outspoken about life since his husband died early in the morning of July 2, 2021.

"It's been a nightmare ever since," she says. Sitting in the family room of her home in Global News,Brampton, she shares with three children and three cats.

Her husband,Const. Jeff Northlapworked for the Toronto Police Services52 Divisionon Canada Day night shift, and his family went to bed.

Last Canadian Day, Margaret Northlap's husband went to work at night shift@ TPS52DivMargaret went to bed and woke up a few hours later to const. I learned. Jeff Northlap was killed during his duties.
Today, Margaret talked to me about her year. "It's been a nightmare ever since"

— Catherine McDonald (@cmcdonaldglobal)June 30, 2022

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"My son wakes me up around 3:30 am, my youngest child. He said, "Mom. There are a lot of police in the front door."

"I jumped up, put on a little bathrobe, and started going down the stairs — I didn't even dawn, I didn't even think — and I wore these white police shirts and hats. I saw it all, my hands, and I couldn't put it into words. My knees started shaking and I could only say "what a hell". What a mess. ”

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Margaret told his family that Chief Lamar sat in the living room and Jeff was involved in the incident and did not do it. rice field.

"I was very shocked. I have heard about shocks. I treated shocks as a nurse. I have never actually been shocked myself. The shock lasted for four months. I didn't cry for the first six hours. I went out and went to the front porch and chain smoked, "Margaret recalls.

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A 55-year-old Northlap, who worked for the Toronto police for 31 years, is investigating a puncture wound in the city. Was killed by. hole. When North Rap was attacked and killed by a vehicle, a plainclothes police officer and his partner in a major criminal unit were in an underground car park investigating priority calls.

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In the hours after his death, Lamar told the media, "I believe it is a deliberate and deliberate act. ".

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Thornhill's Umar Zameer, 31, was charged with one murder. He has since been released on bail of $ 335,000 last September. Evidence in this case is covered by a publication ban.

Margaret Northlap, a nurse who met Jeff while working for years in a correctional facility in Toronto and was a court officer transferring prisoners to prison, could be accountable for her. Said it was important to her.

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"That's all I want. Accountability and I don't know what justice looks like," she said, she was afraid of the next few years and the kids happened to her father. He said he was worried about hearing the details of that.

"It will be difficult. It will be difficult before the trial. The next year will be a trial. It seems that it will not be closed for a long time."

This long weekend family on Canada Day As for his plans, he spent Thursday resting Jeff's ashes.

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"Only kids and me. Everything is very public. Jeff is a police officer and the public. I understand that I was there to keep my safety. They feel sad, supportive and loving to me, but I need to do this as a member of the family, "Margaret said. ..

On Saturday, the anniversary of Jeff's death, North Laps heads to the 52nd Division's barbecue to spend time with a former colleague of the late husband of a major criminal force and a former platoon led by Jeff. .. ..

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"It's really important to us as a family, and to them as our other family, as our blue family. They are very supportive, very affectionate and compassionate. And I'm just as proud as my kids and Jeff's kids, "said Mitchell, the youngest scholar in Toronto who just graduated from high school, to win three awards. Margaret pointed out that it was particularly impressive given the years Mitchell struggled.

Margaret said that Mitchell, much like her father, attended the barbecue on Saturday, just as her father was cooking for the platoon.

"Mitchell also incorporates Jeff's famous brownie."

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