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Zagimē Anishinabēk receives $ 20.5 million in settlement due to insufficient reserve land under the treaty

Zagimē Anishi nabēk (formerlySakimay First Nation) received a $ 20.5treaty land ownership(TLE) settlement for the country. A total of 18,620.42 will be supported. Land acre. This settlement will follow a three-party settlement agreement between Zagimē Anishinabēk, the Government of Canada, and Saskatchewan.

Canada's TLE allegations discuss, negotiate, and decide on a course of action for land shortages if First Nations receives inadequate reserve land promised under the Convention. It is being worked on at the government level to do so.

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And future generations, it's It will be the result of this settlement, "Zagimē Anishi nabēk's chief Lynn Acoose said in a media release. “In addition to supporting the Zagimē Anishi nabēk community and economic development goals, we look forward to continued positive relations between Canada and Saskatchewan as the work to add land infrastructure under the settlement agreement progresses.”

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In 1874, when Zagimē Anishinabēk signed Treaty 4, the crown secured 128 acres per person. However, Zagimi received 31,829 acres of land as a national reserve. This represents enough land for about 248 individuals. According to the announcement, Zagimē Anishinabēk had a population of 271 at the time of joining the Treaty 4, resulting in a lack of rights to 2,859 acres of treaty land.

"This important reconciliation resolution for the people of Zagimē Anishi nabēk addresses the mistakes made by Canada in the past," said Mark Miller, Minister of Indigenous Peoples of Canada. "We continue to work on dealing with the harm caused to the people of Zagimē Anishinabēk in order to continue to improve our relationships."

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Canadian Government agrees to pay $ 14.5 million, Saskatchewan Government will pay the remaining $ 5.8 million, for a total of $ 20.5 million to Zagimē Anishinabēk is. Two levels of government have also agreed to secure a total of $ 3.1 million in compensation for local governments and the school sector after taxable land is set as a reserve.

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"The Saskatchewan State Government has fulfilled its past promises on a treaty land ownership agreement with Zagimi Anissinabek. "I'm pleased," said Don McMorris of First Nations. Minister of State, Metis and Northern Affairs. “This creates opportunities for land investment, economic development and community strengthening. The Saskatchewan Government is committed to working with indigenous peoples and Metis partners to promote reconciliation.”

According to the release, Zagimē Anishi nabēk's allegations were accepted in negotiations on September 18, 2006 and a settlement agreement was signed on April 12, 2022.

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