Apple WWC 2018: watchOS 5 announced with updates

During the WWDC, Apple’s smartwatch gets an update as well. With the new watchOS 5, users can now challenge friends to an exercise competition and try out new workout types like yoga and hiking.

With the new update, users will be able to press a button on the side of the watch, speak, and the other person will hear what you have to say. Almost as similar to a walkie talkie.

Apple has also introduced a new app, called Measures. This app uses the phone's camera to measure real-life objects. Additionally, the company also introduced a new file format called USDZ, which is developed with Pixar.

Apple also brought in the next AR software toolbox for developers. ARKit 2.0, also improves face tracking. With Photos, you can now search for multiple search terms, people, and scenes. The Apple News app is also getting updated alongside the Stocks app. The Shortcuts app is yet another addition to iOS 12. It will include homescreen shortcuts for Siri’s actions or suggestions.

iOS 12 also introduces a new tab called, For You. This tab will show you recommendations for memories which you can revisit. You can also share these photos.

Apple has also made an update to the Notifications as well. Users will now be able to send notifications from specific apps or simply turn them off for specific apps. An interesting addition is that that users will now be able to group/bulk notifications from specific apps.

Apple has also brought in changes to Siri. Craig Federighi says, “We want to make Siri do much more for you.” Users can now record and assign your own phrases as Shortcuts and once Siri hears those phrases repeated.

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