CB-CID yet to confirm Lankan gangster’s identity

The CB-CID’s investigation into the death of a man in Coimbatore, suspected to be Sri Lankan underworld operative Angoda Lokka, will prove a challenge as investigators need to confirm the identity of the foreign national. A mere confession by the accused arrested in the case that the deceased was indeed Lokka may not stand up to judicial scrutiny.

“The deceased was Lokka, according to them [the accused]. We need to check and verify his credentials, background and various [pieces of] information about him available in the public domain,” said K. Shankar, Inspector-General of Police, CB-CID. He held a meeting on Tuesday with the seven special teams that have been formed for the investigation.

Body cremated

Though the body of the deceased was cremated in Madurai on July 5, nearly two days after his death, the viscera samples collected by forensic surgeons during the post-mortem examination remain a source of biological samples for investigation tools such as the DNA profile match.

A police officer who had interrogated the accused said the blood relatives of Maddumage Lasantha Chandana Perera alias Angoda Lokka, including his brother and a son born to his first wife, are alive in Sri Lanka. They could be a potential source of samples for DNA profile-matching, the official added. 

A forensic surgeon with whom The Hindu spoke said the biological samples of parents could be ideal for DNA profile matching, though the samples of sons and brothers could also be used. The police were not sure about the whereabouts of Lokka’s parents. 

Reaching out to the Sri Lankan government on such matters is expected during the later stages of the investigation as the CB-CID teams are currently focusing on gathering basic details of the deceased and the accused. 

The CB-CID has registered two separate cases – one related to the death of the man suspected to be Lokka, and the other against three persons for allegedly helping him fabricate documents to obtain identity proof like Aadhaar card and stay in the country illegally. 

Mr. Shankar said the CB-CID will seek the custody of the three persons as part of the investigation being headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police Raju. 

On Tuesday, CB-CID personnel searched a house at Cheran Ma Nagar where Lokka lived. He had also lived in an apartment at Saravanampatti in Coimbatore, according to the police. 

Before the CB-CID took over the case, three persons were arrested by the Coimbatore city police — a Sri Lankan woman named Amani Thanji, an advocate named D. Sivakamasundari from Madurai, and her friend S. Dyaneswaran from Erode.

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