The Forum for Development of North Andhra (FDNA) has condemned the statements of the Centre that it has the right to terminate the services of employees and that the Constitution does not provide for reservations on a permanent basis.

In a statement here on Thursday, FDNA general secretary A. Aja Sarma said that the Centre’s counter filed in the High Court, on a PIL filed by former Joint Director of CBI V.V. Lakshminarayana, smacks of arrogance.

The FDNA general secretary noted that PSUs were established with the taxes paid by the people and the government has no right to sell them. He said it was shameful on the part of the Modi government, which has not established a single PSU, but was bent on selling off existing ones. He warned that the BJP government would be taught a lesson by the people and recalled that VSP was achieved after opposing a ‘more obstinate government’ in the past.

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