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Jaipur: Another lease of life to farmers

Vasundhara Raje

CM Raje giving certificates in Banswara on the day of launch of the scheme. - File Photo

More than 29 lakh farmers have been benefited by the farm loan waiver scheme, which was launched by Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje from Banswara last week. The scheme not only provided much-needed relief to all debt-ridden farmers but also saved them the clutches of moneylenders.

“The scheme is unique in the sense that it not only waives off the outstanding debt of a farmer, but also makes the same farmer eligible for a loan amount similar to the one that has been waived off,” a senior official who is overseeing the execution of the scheme told DNA.

“The maximum waiver allowed per beneficiary is Rs 50,000. So, if a farmer gets a waiver of Rs 50,000, he instantly becomes eligible to get a loan equivalent to the amount waived off. However, the government does not want a farmer to apply for a loan. But if the farmer needs money, he can secure a further loan or he can go home with a clean slate,” he added.

All farmers with land holding less than one hectare or 2.5 acre would be considered as marginal farmers while farmers with land holding between one hectare and two hectares or between 2.5 acres and 5 acres would be considered as small farmers.

“Those who have taken loans exceeding Rs 50,000 would get the benefit of loan waiver, however they will have to clear the remaining amount. After repayment, they are also entitled to borrow more loans for agricultural purposes. The scheme is beneficial for them as the small and marginal farmers are the most vulnerable. As these farmers are unable to pay the loan and they could fell in the trap of local moneylenders,” said the expert.

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