Rajasthan governor Kalyan Singh wants five-year term for VCs instead of three

Rajasthan governor Kalyan Singh has demanded to raise the term of vice chancellors in the universities to five years. Speaking at Conference of Governors at Rashtrapati Bhawan under the chairmanship of President Ram Nath Kovind on Monday, Singh stressed the need for uniformity in acts of all the universities spread over in the country.

In his address, the governor of the biggest state of the country, asked UGC (University Grant Commission) to frame new guidelines and make the term of VCs to five 5 years term instead of present three years. He also said that there is a variation in the acts of universities in the country and even some universities of the same state are governed by different acts.

“This is resulting into many difficulties in higher education. Hence, there is a need to bring uniformity in the acts of all the universities,” said a statement released quoting Singh as saying. The academic issues were mostly centred in his address and he further laid stress on ‘sports’ subject to be included in the curriculum.

“In the perspective of ‘Sports India Mission’ announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, students pursuing studies at the universities and colleges affiliated to the universities are required to develop interest in the sports. The “sports philosophy” should be included as a compulsory subject in the regular curriculum. This shall be helpful in building up not only their future but also future of the country. This would also facilitate in building a healthy human resources imbibed with morale and ethics,” said Singh.

Singh also focused on development projects and issues relating to the farmers. He demanded that “Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project’, a project launched to meet water demand of 13 districts, should be given the status of National Project. The project will fetch central assistance in terms of funds when declared national. He also brought to conference’s notice that Rajasthan is a leading producer of special crops like cumin, garlic, Aloe Vera, coriander, guar etc. “These special corps should be brought under the ambit of minimum support price,” demanded Singh.

Mission sports

“The “sports philosophy” should be included as a compulsory subject. This shall be helpful in building up future of the country. This would also facilitate in building a healthy human resources imbibed with morale and ethics,” said Kalyan Singh.

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