2019: History Will Repeat Itself In Nigeria – Kwankwaso

Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has declared that history is about to repeat itself in Nigeria as the 2019 general elections draws nearer.

Kwankwaso, who divulged that all the indices on ground have proven beyond every reasonable doubt that the ruling All Progress Congress (APC) has lost electoral value just within three years, added that, the party has refused to allow democratic processes to run itself.

Speaking while in Sokoto on a visit to state PDP executives ahead of the party’s presidential primaries, Kwankwaso admonished Nigerians to do the right thing by re-voting out the APC come 2019.

Giving reasons for his submission, Kwankwaso said PDP continued to hold sway on the nation’s political landscape since 1999 to 2015 because they never denied aspirants opportunities to exercise their franchise.

According to him, PDP was defeated in 2015 because the party leadership printed only one presidential form. Just as he added that, the APC is going to face its defeat come 2019 because it has repeated same mistake that led to PDP’s downfall.

The PDP presidential aspirant urged Nigerians to have a rethink and genuinely ask themselves if Nigeria was not better off during the PDP than the present government.

“Everybody knows that Nigeria is in trouble now than ever before. Over 100 Nigerians were killed in a single day,  yet the president goes for holidays. Most young people in Nigeria are now jobless.

“We thought things were bad before now.

He further admonished PDP delegates and Nigerians to make wise decision by electing a good leader who equally has the political and intellectual capacity to deliver good governance.

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