Between the crucifix, Nigeria’s development and agenda 2050

Between the crucifix, Nigeria’s development and agenda 2050

Between the crucifix, Nigeria’s development and agenda 2050

By Arc Kabir Ibrahim

I am not soliloquizing but putting it bare to all Nigerians that we can never develop unless we eradicate corruption completely.

It may be very difficult but absolutely possible to rid Nigeria of this cancer with determination and willingness.

To tackle this monster we must be willing to pay a very high price both as leaders and followers.

Corruption cannot occur except there is a medium or opportunity!

The medium or opportunity is unfortunately actually found in the Nigerian people.

While it is always possible to absolve or justify action or inaction in any human situation there is also the need to come to terms with the results accruing from the direct role or participation of the person in charge.

There is the need to interrogate inequity in all its ramifications to be able to mete out punishment to the perpetrator.

If anything happens under our direction or area of competence we should be held accountable especially where we do not take appropriate action to stem or report it.

It is unacceptable and inexcusable to apportion blame where we are clearly responsible.

We must suffer or prosper proportionately.

In this way, everyone will be up and doing to earn their keep and justify the trust reposed in them.

Having digressed sufficiently it is now time to put it as succinctly as possible to all those in the position of responsibility in Nigeria today that it is no longer possible to sleep and snore while the country is fast imploding.

We must crucify anyone found wanting in the discharge of their responsibility or as well found to perpetuate corruption in any form in their assignment no matter how highly or lowly placed they are.

There must be no sacred cows in ensuring transparency and accountability in the day-to-day running of all our institutions and organizations.

We must account for all our actions and be ready to suffer the prescribed punishment for any malfeasance.

Nigeria will never develop by merely developing very lofty blueprints and projections without discipline and severe punishment for erring individuals no matter how highly placed.

The population of our dear country will be about 400 million in 2050 and we must plan to cater to all or risk complete disintegration.

We must work to make Nigeria work and prosper starting today otherwise posterity and history will not be kind to us.

The EFCC, ICPC, etc. must work to cleanse the system now, and “we the people” should insist on highly qualitative leadership at all times for development through the period 2021 up to 2050 and beyond!

Anyone found unwilling to conform with this new dictum should resign and go home or if found wanting going forward should be crucified like was done in the Roman Empire.

Singapore did this and they are better off today!

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