Chude Jideonwo kicks off #TheJoyTour hosted by ‘happiness’ professor, Laurie Santos at Yale

Chude Jideonwo, the chief executive officer of Joy Inc. and Maurice R. Greenberg Yale World Fellow, kicked off his two-month #TheJoyTour with a lecture held on Monday, 5 March, 2018 at Silliman College, Yale, University.

The event was hosted by Laurie Santos, a psychology professor who lectures on Yale University’s most popular course, Positive Psychology and the Good Life – a class created to guide students on how to lead a happier, more satisfying life.

Themed ‘All the Research Says: The World Needs Warm and Fuzzy’, the event highlighted the new global imperative for new measurements of human success, spotlighting the work economists, sociologists and thinkers on governance and society are doing on new understandings about human nature and the need for flourishing, balance and societies based on trust.

“I wrote in a recent piece on that so-called hard nosed realists will say all this talk about personal balance, warm relationships, mutual trust, and altruism is soft talk, it’s essentially unrealistic,” he said. “But then, how far has this ‘realism’ taken any the world? The evidence shows that we don’t have to advance economic growth and political participation in the way that we have presently, alienating instead of including, and that we fundamentally have to rethink our assumptions about what makes humans flourish. The evidence is here, so the sat excuse in a data driven society is gone. What do we do now that we have the facts?”

#TheJoyTour continues in March and April.

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