‘May You Catch COVID-19’ – Toke Makinwa Slams Those Accusing Her Of Getting Paid To Fake Her Illness

Toke Makinwa Celebrates Drake At 34

Toke Makinwa

Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has slammed those accusing her of getting paid by the government to fake her illness.

Information Nigeria recalls the media personality announced that she tested positive for the novel coronavirus and she also shared her harrowed ordeal.

Reacting to the revelation, some Nigerians took to her comment section to allege that she must have been paid by the Federal government to announce that she has contracted the deadly virus.

Makinwa later took to Twitter to respond to the accusations.

The media personality tweeted;

“And to the people saying the government must have paid me to say I got Covid, I know the government has fucked you over so bad you have trust issues, I feel bad for you too but pls let me heal in peace.

For those who doubt that Covid is real, I hope you get a personal encounter, may you catch Covid-19 and also survive it so going forward if you can’t practice something called “Empathy”, you’ll atleast keep quiet.

Experience is best. All in all, love and light xx”

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See her tweet below:

Makinwa’s post

Makinwa’s post

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