PDP withdraws from Kano local govt election

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has Boycotted the forthcoming January 2021 Kano Local Government Elections which they said lacks credibility and would be manipulated by the Governor Ganduje administration.

The PDP believes the same government that stole its mandate in 2019 can not allow a level playing ground due to lack of political morality and the fact that they have grossly undermined the Independence of the State Independent Electoral Commission.

The Kano State PDP caretaker Committee Umar Danladi Abdulhamid Tabarin Kagara, said this while speaking to newsmen.

He said, “his Party and indeed the People of Kano cannot quickly forget how Ganduje and the APC in connivance with Electoral Officials used hoodlums and political thugs to disenfranchise the people’s wishes in 2019”.

He explained that they are staying away from the elections because the Governor has in the build-up to the January 2021 Local government elections turned it into a Do or die affair.

“How can a party manipulate and subvert its own party Constitution just to impose preferred candidates in its primary election be able to conduct a free and fair general election that will treat the opposition parties fairly?

“An election that is prearranged to serve as payback for Governor Ganduje cronies can be everything but not credible and we will be naive and presume to think that we will have a level playing ground as opposition”.

“Moreover it is on record that a ridiculous amount of money N2.3 Billion is allocated for the predetermined shoddy local governments elections exercise, to this the PDP will not partake in an exercise which is aimed at siphoning the Same Resource we resist any attempts to use us to assert credibility on venture aimed at looting Kano Treasury”.

The Caretaker Chairman added that in their wisdom as the main opposition they can not give credibility to an election that has a prearranged outcome and election conducted by the government which stole their mandate.

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