SOCIAL MEDIA RIFFS: Science is not more difficult than arts   

SOCIAL MEDIA RIFFS: Science is not more difficult than arts   

SOCIAL MEDIA RIFFS: Science is not more difficult than arts   

By Kelechi Ihunanya Amadi

I went alone to register my ward in a secondary school. After I had satisfied the documentary and monetary requirements, the registrar asked whether my ward was Science- or Art-inclined in order to allocate her to the appropriate class.

I told her I didn’t know; that the girl would decide for herself.

The registrar agreed.

Then another member of staff in the office butted in: “Is the girl intelligent?”

While I was still trying to understand what she meant by ”intelligent”, the woman quickly told the registrar, ”It’s better you put the girl in Art class, just in case.”


Why do people generally believe that Science subjects are more difficult than Art subjects?

To the best of my knowledge, it is easier to pass, let’s say, Mathematics than the English language.

Mathematical problems have their respective set formulae. Once you apply them logically, you get the answer. No need for much turanci.

Language and Literature, on the other hand, are much more subjective and intricate. Your grammar and syntax, lexis and structure, and referencing skills must be optimal before you can clinch an ‘A’. And you are also at the mercy of the examiner’s literary and artistic perspective.

More so, artistic and literary works, as well as legal provisions, are subject to constant criticism and reviews. But scientific laws are arguably sacrosanct. This further buttresses the complex and subjective nature of ”Art”.

With these points of mine, I hope I have convinced and not confused you that the idea that only brilliant students are fit for Science class, while the intellectual dregs should be thrown into Art class, is unfounded.

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