#YNaijaBBNUpdates: Omashola is committed to becoming less loud | Reunion Day 26

It’s day 26 of the Big Brother Pepper Dem Reunion show, and some of the housemates were treated to a free therapy session.

Mental health advocate and psychiatrist; Dr. Oluseun featured on last night’s episode as a special guest. Sitting with the housemates, he did a lot of drilling, into the minds of the housemates to deduce the rationale behind their characters.


The doctor began with Omashola and his brashness was made the subject of discussion. Omahola stated that after leaving the house, some of the members of his family advised him to tone his loudness down. Especially considering that he is in the public eye now.

Omashola spoke of how being in the house had made him realize that maybe he is a bit too loud.

The Dr. claimed that Omahola is the kind of person that doesn’t let what people say about him get to him.

Revisiting some incidents in the house, the doctor asked Omashola how he dealt with Ike stealing his coins and Frodd going for Venita. Omashola claimed that the coin incident had in fact served as motivation for him to get his head in the game, and if not for that, he may not have made it as far as he did.

He later admitted that of all the housemates, he has become close to Frodd, after leaving the house. “I understand him well.” He stated.


Moving on to Jackye, the doctor made an interesting note, stating that Jackye, appeared oppressive to other housemates.

Jackye said her motive in the house was to change the narrative of the African lady. She said people may have been pushed away because of her intelligence.

She also stated that the show made her feel like she was compared to other people, which she said she hated. “Big Brother made me feel like I was being compared to the other housemates”


Ike was the next person on the table and his session was about internal strive. The doctor alluded to Ike struggling between the good and bad while in the house.

Ike opened up about some of the mistakes he has made. He narrated that he has made some bad decisions and refused to listen to the advice of his friends and family.

He claimed to be a new person now, focused on the positive and not the negative anymore.


For Venita, they spoke about how she has managed to remain strong, giving that she is a single mother with two kids. The doctor said that looking at Venita, he almost couldn’t believe her situation. She seems so strong.

Venita stated that for her, it’s about striking a balance. Finding an identity outside of being a mom. The things, she likes, and the things she is interested in. “When you become a mother, it’s very easy to lose your identity.” She said.

She said she is a more wholesome person now, and has found healing after her divorce.

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