With no new Covid-19 cases for the past two days, we'll learn at 1pm if that stretches to three in a row.

The Ministry of Health will be issuing a press release to reveal the latest tally on the pandemic.

On Wednesday the Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield announced there were 22 active cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand. All cases were contained in isolation facilities and discovered in Kiwis who had recently returned from overseas. The sickest covid sufferer remained in Auckland City Hospital in a stable condition.

There have now been 1178 cases of the disease throughout the country. More than 400,000 tests have been completed since testing for Covid-19 began in February.

There is currently no community transmission.

In recent weeks the government has stepped up security at the border, drafting in military personnel and Avsec staff to oversee managed isolation facilities.

A lapse in testing protocols saw more than 1,000 returnees leave quarantine without a negative test last month.

There are still 367 people who checked out of managed isolation facilities in June without a test that have not been tracked down.

Bloomfield said Friday would be the last day he would give daily reports on the numbers which were identified as having left isolation after June 9 without a test – the date on which day 3 and day 12 testing was supposed to have started.

Of the 1359, most have been contacted and tested negative or referred for a test; 142 will not be tested including 84 who have refused a test; and 367 people have not responded to repeated contact, including 56 who have been referred to finding services for having an invalid phone number.

Our borders remained closed to all but Kiwis with Bloomfield warning a recent spike of cases in Melbourne proved just how community transmission in the future is a real possibility here.