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North Harbour Business Leaders To Be Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

Successful North Harbour business leaders who have applied their skills and success to benefit the community will be acknowledged at the annual North Harbour Business Hall of Fame event on Thursday 9 November at The Spencer Hotel.

During the Black-Tie event, 2023 laureates will be inducted for their philanthropic and commercial contributions to the region. Inductees include Naomi Ballantyne, Hugh Stedman, Kerry Dines and Ian Jackson.

Previous laureates include Sir Stephen Tindall, Sir David Levene, and Sir Peter Maire to name just a few.

Proudly sponsored by Milford Asset Management, the North Harbour Business Hall of Fame has been managed by the North Harbour Club & Charitable Trust since 2015, as part of the Club’s commitment to delivering an ongoing programme of rewarding excellence.

“We are looking forward to celebrating the 2023 laureates in a few weeks’ time. The aim of the Club is to connect our young AIMES award winners with our North Harbour business leaders. Inductees can guide, challenge, support and impart their knowledge, experience and leadership as our AIMES alumni strive to be future leaders themselves,” says North Harbour Club General Manager, Erin Marmont.

Tickets are available for purchase to this special event and everyone is welcome. To find out more or book, visit

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