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Baked chicken parmesan: Traditional Mediterranean family food

When you think of Italian food, you think about pizza, pasta and lots of parmasan cheese. However, there’s more to their amazing Mediterranean cuisine and chicken parmesan is one of them. Also known as Chicken parmigian, our baked chicken parmesan is a celebration of traditional cooking. Family cooking should be simple and with chicken, it’s easy to be simple and create something very tasty.

Baked chicken parmesan tips

Chicken parmesan is a simple crumbed chicken recipe with the flavour of parmesan cheese. You can serve yours with rice or roast vegetables for a whole family meal. The gravy is made as a simple roux or butter and flour gravy. You can scrape up the great burned bits of chicken crumbs from the bottom as you make the gravy in the same pan the chicken was backed in. Sprinkle some cheese over the chicken and bake for a few more minutes if you want to.

If you love chicken and Italian food, baked chicken parmesan is for you. It’s a golden, crunchy, incredibly tasty dish for the whole family.

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