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Sithelo subtly shades Sbahle Mpisane after mental health video

The feud between former friends Sithelo Shozi and Sbahle Mpisane is far from over as they keep going back and forth in attempts to insult each other.

This week, alone, both social media personalities have taken swipes at each other, starting with the eldest Mpisane sibling who took a shot at Sithelo on Thursday 11 August for her Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery in Turkey.

Not one to hold back, Sithelo also fired back at Sbahle following the fitness fanatic’s video about attempting suicide.


Sbahle, who is millionaire Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize’s stepdaughter and Royal AM chairman Andile Mpisane’s sister, took to Instagram Live to share her battle with mental health.

The fitness bunny, who was in an accident in August 2018 which resulted in a broken ankle bone, was triggered by one of her followers who suggested that she amputates her leg.

Another social media user accused Sbahle of killing someone during the accident four years ago, saying the alleged victim’s “ghost” is haunting her.

“That man you killed is haunting you & until you repent, you will never find peace. His soul is not resting,” the troll wrote.

Sbahle Mpisane’s Instagram stories. Image via @sbahle_mpisane/Instagram

“I’ve [attempted to] commit suicide twice because of your people’s f**king words. I survived.

“Having to read the words you have to say…I wish I didn’t have to be alive to hear the things you have to say.

“Do you know how it makes me feel? I’m not ok! Just because I lift weights and am physically strong does not mean I’m not a strong person [mentally]”.

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This was after Sbahle took a swipe at her for undergoing surgery. The mom-of-three is currently in recovery in Turkey following her extensive plastic surgery, including a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) this week.

Firing back in a Tweet written in IsiZulu, Sithelo said that Sbahle was mentally unstable.

“No one who is mentally stable still has a mohawk for a hairstyle,” Sithelo wrote.

alikho ikhanda elisebenzayo elisenziwa iMohawk 🥹

— Sithelo Shozi (@sithelo_shozi) August 11, 2022


This is not the first time that the two social media personalities have clashed.

Last month, after Sbahle insinuated Sithelo lied about her abuse allegations levelled against her brother Andile, the mom-of-three posted a cryptic tweet that read:

“Then you wonder why I try so hard to protect my kids from this”.

However, Sithelo deleted the tweet, but her sister Ze jumped in to also throw shade when she tweeted:

“Sengath angakhubazeka umlomo ke manje [I hope her mouth gets paralysed this time]”.

This was in reference to Sbahle’s car crash. Ze also later deleted her tweet.

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