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WATCH: LinkedIn user mocks ‘crying selfie’ CEO who fired workers

LinkedIn users have mocked a CEO who posted a viral “crying selfie” photo alongside an announcement that he was firing several employees of his internet marketing company.

The New York Post reports Braden Wallake, the chief executive of the Columbus, Ohio-based B2B marketing firm HyperSocial, was the subject of merciless criticism after he posted a photo of himself shedding tears as he announced layoffs at his company.

“This will be the most vulnerable thing I’ll ever share,” Wallake wrote on LinkedIn.

“Days like today, I wish I was a business owner that was only money-driven and didn’t care about who he hurt along the way. But I’m not. So, I just want people to see that not every CEO out there is cold-hearted and doesn’t care when he/she have to lay people off.”

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However, Wallake’s “crying selfie” did not go unnoticed.

David Rolls, a London-based podcaster, composed a spoof of Wallake’s post on Wednesday — accompanied by an exaggerated, babyish crying selfie of his own — in which he claimed his decision to go on an “all-inclusive” vacation in Thailand left him with no money, forcing him to take his team’s commission.

“I’ve never been to Thailand, and really want to go, so what was I to do?” Rolls wrote. “Go somewhere cheaper? A 4-star resort? Of course not.”

Rolls concluded the post by writing: “I can’t think of a lower moment than this”.

Syeda Abedi, a marketing specialist, posted her own crying selfie, declaring: “Fought myself in deciding whether to upload it or not but here is me in a guilt trap of having KFC today knowing that I have been kicking my ass off in the gym for the last whole month”.

Ps. No lay offs to announce!” she wrote.

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