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WATCH: RHODurban’s Jojo Robinson shows off her new banging body

Reality television star Jojo Robinson has recently been under the knife to make some modifications to her body which is currently healing and showing some incredible results.

Taking to social media last month, the artist revealed that she had surgery done on her body, and that it had been 5 days after the operation was done, and 5 days into her recovery journey.

She then revealed that she was still in immense pain and that her body was heavily swollen, restricting her from doing almost anything, but that she was finally able to take her first shower since the surgery.

“5 days post tho and I’m slowly feeling more human… I managed to finally shower last night the first time since surgery ( I wasn’t able to because of the foam wrap around my stomach and the blood pipe coming out my hip) I was also able to come off the morphine pain killers and switch to just normal myprodol.

“I’m still extremely swollen and I can’t really do much, but the best part for me is that each day I’m better than the day before. The wrap I still have to wear for the next 5 weeks is extremely uncomfortable and I’m also still stuck wearing the ugliest compression socks to help with blood flow for the next week,” said Jojo Robinson in the caption of her post.

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Earlier this week, The Real Housewives of Durban star surprised her followers by sharing a video on Instagram where she revealed her new and improved body.

In the caption of the post, Jojo said that her body was not completely healed yet, and that she is still swollen and bruised, but was happy to share the results of her flatter and tighter tummy, as well as her smaller waist.

“I’m still swollen in some areas… we are only at 2 weeks post op) and still some bruising but I’m so incredibly happy with the results. My stomach is so tight and flat even when I sit down not one roll and no loose skin and my waist is so much smaller… It was so worth every second of pain,” said Robinson.

The painter ended off her post by expressing that she felt the need to share her journey with her followers because too many times women get their bodies modified and lie to the public to give off a fake perception of what natural bodies should look like.

She also said that there is nothing wrong with women wanting to make surgical changes to their bodies, and that more women should share information about their cosmetic surgeries to help others who may also want to embark on the same journey.

“I chose to share my journey because to often women pretend to be ‘all natural’ when in fact they aren’t. There is nothing wrong with surgery if that’s what you choose and to often women are left with no one to ask when they do want help or advice from another woman, because everyone out here ‘knows nothing on the subject’. I’m all to happy to be honest and share my journey with whoever wants to tag along,” said Robinson.