23 prohibited, restricted weapons seized in North Portal, Sask., at U.S. border crossing: CBSA

The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) seized 23 prohibited or restricted weapons and 29 pieces of related equipment at the North Portal, Sask. crossing this summer.

“This past summer, our officers have been successful in mitigating a variety of threats, including the spread of COVID-19, and also the risk posed by undeclared firearms entering the country,” the CBSA’s southern Saskatchewan director, Ben Tame, said in a press release Monday.

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According to the press release, on June 30, CBSA officers seized two pistols, two pistol crossbows, a rifle, a shotgun, a replica firearm, a stun gun, a switchblade and a magazine (for holding bullets and on which there are capacity limits in Canada) from a U.S. man attempting to travel through Saskatchewan on his way to Alaska.

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The man’s vehicle was also seized, but released to him upon payment of a $4,500 fine. He was arrested and after forfeiting the prohibited and restricted items, returned to the U.S.

Also on June 30, CBSA officers seized four rifles, two sets of nunchaku sticks, a revolver, a handgun, a shotgun, a blow gun, bladed brass knuckles and 17 magazines. A U.S. man was arrested and forfeited the restricted and prohibited items.

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He has since been charged by the CBSA three times under the Customs Act and twice under the Criminal Code. He has been released and is awaiting a court date, states the press release.

In another instance of a U.S. man travelling through Saskatchewan to Alaska on July 5, CBSA officers seized two pistols, a blow gun and extender, a handgun barrel and five magazines from him as well as his vehicle, which was returned to him upon payment of a $3,000 fine.

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After forfeiting the prohibited and restricted items, he returned to the U.S, the press release says.

On July 21, CBSA officers seized an AR-15, silencer and three magazines from another U.S. traveller crossing through Saskatchewan on his way to Alaska. The press release states he was also arrested and his vehicle was seized and held for the payment of a $1,500 fine. He forfeited the seized items and returned to the U.S.

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