A Regina two-year-old has an unusual fascination with vacuums

Cutting through the clutter of spring cleaning may not be fun for everyone, but for one Regina two-year-old named Thomas, a vacuum is all it takes to put a smile on his face.

“We have a few toy vacuums that we’ve started to accumulate, so he loves those. But then, every time we’re doing something else that’s creative, like play-dough or Lego or whatever, he’s, like, ‘Build me a vacuum,'” his mom Sara Likness said.

The toddler’s unusual fascination started about a year ago, and although his mom can’t pinpoint a specific event, if there’s a vacuum nearby Thomas knows all about it.

“Anytime we go for groceries or something or go to Walmart or Costco, he always wants to go look at the vacuums, and he can say, ‘That’s the Dyson, that’s the Miele, that’s the Shark, that’s the Hoover.’ He pretty much knows all the different brands,” Likness explained.

While he hasn’t quite grasped the cleaning aspect, he loves nothing more than taking apart his favourite machine and putting it back together.

“He is coming around, which is great, because if he could actually start cleaning the house, that would be ideal,” Likness laughed.

Every few months, Thomas gets a new vacuum to add to his collection, which is only growing by the day.

“I’m always checking on VarageSale or at Once Upon a Child. I always go there and check for new vacuums. So you could say I’m obsessed, too,” Likness said.

When Thomas isn’t tinkering with his vacuums, he’s watching videos about them online and after a long day, it’s off to bed taking his treasured toys with him.

“We had a babysitter, a family member, and she said he had to have his vacuums for bedtime and I’m like, ‘Ya, it’s not a problem,'” Likness explained.

One day if Thomas wants to make a career out of the hobby, that’s alright with his mom as well.

“If he wants to keep up with it, then, by all means, go for it kiddo. Again, if he wants to clean my house that’s fine too.”

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