Boxer empowers other by breaking down barriers

She’s a former boxer and Ontario champion, yet if you were to ask Yvette Raposo what her greatest accomplishment was she would likely say it’s empowering people through boxing training while helping them see a different side to the sport.

“I encourage people to tap into that fighter within, however that looks for you and I don’t mean that in a violent way,“ explained Raposo.

Raposo is stepping back into the ring but this time she’s challenging herself differently.

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“You know, I decided after 22 years of being involved in boxing, I’ve decided to roll with the punches and become a professional ring announcer,” she said.

Traditionally a role given to men, Raposo is now the only female professional ring announcer in the country averaging seven events a year both amateur and professional.

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“I decided to take courses, storytelling courses, voice lessons, improv classes and I just really wanted to work my craft just like I did as a fighter,” recalled Raposo. “I’m comfortable in the ring. I didn’t have any performance training, not stage presence training so these are the things I had to learn.”

According to Raposo, more and more people are taking up boxing as a form of exercise

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“We’ve seen boxing become a fitness trend over the years, maybe every seven or eight years, and right now, it’s hot,” she said.

The very first all-female fight card in Ontario will be happening in Toronto April 23 at the Design Exchange with Raposo announcing the action from centre ring.

“This is a massively big deal for women in this sport and we appreciate all the recognition we can get,” said Raposo.  Women fighters train just as hard as a man and have to fight ten times harder outside of the ring for any opportunity.”