Moose trapped in barbed wire fence freed by Keremeos RCMP officer

Bolt cutters, barbed wire and a moose stuck in a fence.

Normally, police assistance involves people, not animals. But on Nov. 7, Keremeos RCMP Const. Matthew Groen found himself freeing a trapped young moose.

Police say the moose had a leg caught in a barbed wire fence on Highway 3A, north of Olalla, B.C.

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Alerted by the public, Groen arrived on scene shortly after 6 p.m., where bystanders reportedly told him the young moose’s mother was also nearby.

The officer returned to the detachment for a set of bolt cutters. Upon returning to the scene, he cut the barbed wire fence, freeing the moose, which was last seen running into nearby brush.

“These are the kinds of good news stories the public rarely hears about,” said RCMP Const. James Grandy.

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“Officers working in remote detachments often have to use their ingenuity to problem-solve unique situations on their own.”

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