Neighbourhood terrified by headless beast that was actually a … croissant perched on a tree

'His brown skin gleams in the sun ... We are looking more closely — poor guy has no legs or head'

The croissant roosted for two days before rescuers dislodged it

A woman who called in a menacing presence in her neighbourhood turned out to be making a puffed up charge when animal rescue discovered the mystery creature was actually a croissant stuck up a tree.

Animal welfare officers in a neighbourhood in Krakow, in southern Poland, carefully approached the unfamiliar being and identified it was just inert pastry, the city’s animal rescue group wrote on Facebook, according to a Google translation.

An officer identified as “Inspector Adam” described the cautious advance.

“Suddenly…. Here he is, got him! The brown creature is sitting on a lilac branch … the creature sits and doesn’t move – exactly as the notifier described us.

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“His brown skin gleams in the sun…. We are looking more closely — poor guy has no legs or head.”

The woman, who peered out at the headless “creature” from her home for two days, was dreading the day it would finally strike, according to the agency.

She wasn’t alone. Other residents in the neighbourhood were afraid to open their windows for fear it would enter their home, she said, guessing that it was probably an iguana.

“He’s been sitting here for days, and everyone is scared of him,” she explained. “Come and pick him up!”

The officers who displaced the dough were leavened by a “rare” laugh in a job that can more often get heavy, they write. As their light-hearted tone suggests, the officers said they were clearly amused by the call.

Having seen cats ill and abandoned, caged hamsters in the trash and “even fish in a street bucket,” an iguana left in the cold to fend for itself is a less-than-remote possibility, they said.

As they note, sometimes “it is better to check and be pleasantly disappointed.”

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