Olympian Shannon Szabados pens ‘Every Bunny Loves to Play’ children’s book

Shannon Szabados isn’t turning the page on her remarkable hockey career just yet, but the two-time Olympic gold medalist is writing another chapter.

Szabados authored and illustrated a children’s book called Every Bunny Loves to Play.

“The drawing was much harder than the writing — I’m no Picasso,” Szabados said.

“The words kind of came easy because I knew what kind of message I wanted to send.”

Szabados married Carl Nielsen, a former college and minor pro defenceman, last year. She announced she was pregnant in March, and her daughter Shaylyn is now a little over three months old.

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The idea for the book came to the 34-year-old after receiving some books during her pregnancy.

“They were cute, they rhymed, but not a lot of them had learning opportunities that I wanted to read to my daughter.”

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Szabados said the book is about a little bunny who loves to play hockey, but faces scrutiny from outsiders on their path to success: “It’s kind of the bunny’s journey along the way.”

The born-and-raised Edmontonian was Team Canada’s starting goaltender in the last three women’s Olympic hockey finals, winning gold in 2010 and 2014 and silver in 2018.

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So what’s next for Szabados?

“For me, hockey has been my life and it will always be my life — I mean, as you can see in the book it’s a lot of hockey,” she said, adding what form that takes is yet to be determined.

“I think I’ll always play no matter what — whether it’s professionally or maybe just beer league.”

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