Ontario MPPs pass bill to end biannual clock changes, but Quebec and New York would need to sign on

Ontario MPPs have voted to stop the biannual practice of changing clocks an hour ahead or an hour back, but it would be contingent on the Government of Quebec and New York State passing similar laws.

The proposal was first introduced by Ottawa West–Nepean PC MPP Jeremy Roberts in October.

However, Roberts issued a statement Wednesday evening, saying his bill unanimously passed the final legislative step at Queen’s Park.

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Bill 214, which still needs to receive royal assent from Ontario’s lieutenant governor, would move Ontario to daylight saving time on a permanent basis.

The legislation would only come into force “in coordination” with Quebec and New York.

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As for the reason for pursuing the change, Roberts’s statement cited academic studies that suggest the biannual clock changes can cause “serious negative effects” when it comes to health.

The statement also said the change would result in more daylight in the evening, therefore it would “likely” help promote increased shopping activity.

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