‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’-obsessed woman on trial for beheading mom

“I kept stabbing and stabbing and stabbing her,” Jessica said at the time, the prosecution said. “I took off her head.”

When officers arrived, the younger woman was drinking a bottle of water. She was covered in blood.

“She immediately told them she had killed her mother and pointed out the head that was on the footpath,” McCarthy said.

Jessica claims she killed her mother in self defence. Her mother was stabbed 85 times.

She has pleaded not guilty but admits she murdered Rita Camilleri. Her legal eagles claim she was stricken with mental illness at the time.

“Due to the effects of her mental conditions, she had an impaired capacity at the time of the events,” lawyer Nathan Steel said.

The accused was obsessed with horror movies like Massacre and ‘Jeepers Creepers’. She had also long threatened to behead family members and other who crossed her.

“A feature of these movies was killing people violently and dismembering their bodies,” McCarthy told jurors.


An Australian woman was so obsessed with slasher classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre she allegedly beheaded her mother, who had paid $2,000 to exorcise the “demons” within her.

Jessica Callimeri, 27, is now on trial for murder.

Prosecutors said Rita Callimeri, 57, was desperate to get help for her troubled young daughter.

“The accused said she wanted to give the deceased a taste of her own medicine,” Crown Prosecutor Tony McCarthy told jurors, reported.

The brutal slaying occurred on July 20, 2019, at the suburban Sydney home the two women shared.

“She (Rita) paid ($1,837) but never got any service, I believe she was desperate for anything to help,” a family friend testified.

Cops say Jessica used multiple knives to butcher her mother before decapitating her and running outside into the streets carrying her head.

Rita’s head was later found in front of a neighbour’s home. Inside the chamber of horrors, detectives found more severed body parts, including the tip of Rita’s nose.

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