The Ongoing History of New Music, episode 892: Still more where-are-they-now stories featuring CanRock band of the 90s.

At some point, you will be invited to a high school reunion. And you’re probably going to go because you want to see what happened to all those people.Where’s the jock who made your life miserable? The girl/guy who snubbed you for that date and broke your heart? The shy, nerdy guy that was always being slammed into the lockers? Who did well? And more importantly, who got what was coming to them? Karma can be a bitch.But hang on. The people are the reunion are also going to be thinking the same thing about you. How’s your hair? Your waistline? Your complexion and skin tone? What are you going to wear? What am I going to say to these people. And so the anxiety sets in.You’ll still end up going, of course. Why? Because we all have the where-are-they-now gene. It’s only natural to be curious about the people we were once close to (or at least in close proximity to) during an important time in our lives.Connecting people in this fashion was one of the first projects of the internet. went online way back in 1995. Its sole purpose was to find anyone you might have gone to school with from kindergarten to university. Same thing with Then came MySpace. Anyone Remember Hi5 (est. 2004)? All of them were destroyed by Facebook, which first appeared in 2005.If you’re looking for a start-up idea, here’s one for free: A site that links together all the artists and musicians we once knew, a proper one-stop-shop where-are-they-now resource for music.As far as I can tell, such a site doesn’t exist. That means we have to piece together things ourselves with things such as shows as this. Here’s another look at lost Canadian alt-rock bands of the 90s and beyond.Damn. Would someone get on that idea? It would make doing a show like this soooooo much easier.Songs heard on this episode:
  • Barstool Prophets, Paranoia
  • Crash Vegas, Inside Out
  • Mary Margaret O’Hara, Body’s in Trouble
  • Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Having an Average Weekend
  • Furnace Face, About to Down
  • Gob, I Hear You calling
  • Delerium, Whispers Become Screens
  • The Killjoys, Today I Hate Everyone
  • hHead, Happy
  • Martha and the Muffins, Swimming

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