Today's letters: A local hero walks among us

Thursday, June 24: On an ALS walk; an unwelcome business park; and speeding on Highway 174.

Deane Gorsline's wife, Danielle Peters, was at his side as he continued his gruelling walk last weekend on Parliament Hill.

Thanks for the consciousness-raising

Re: ALS patient pulls all-night walk in race for better treatments, June 20.

Kelly Egan’s article on ALS patient Deane Gorsline, walking 1,700 minutes to spread awareness of his disease, made me sit back and think. On a daily basis Gorsline struggles to walk, speaks with difficulty and is fed through a tube.

Thanks Deane, not only for your walk, but for making me realize that most of my day-to-day frustrations and problems are minimal compared to what you are dealing with. I’m sure I’m not the only reader that feels this way.

Doug Miller, Barrhaven

It’s not just about ‘development’

Re: Council approves new warehouse near Barrhaven and creation of residential vacancy tax, June 9.

Ottawa is our city, and we don’t want it to develop in the wrong direction. It’s apparent that a truck depot with hundreds or even 1,000 trucks travelling back and forth daily should only be placed in convenient transportation areas near the highways, not near residential neighbourhoods with limited road conditions.

City officials have applied the word “development” to the situation of the South Nepean Business Park, and this seems to trump all other concerns. However, people aren’t resisting change for no reason; what they ask for is responsible development.

With a vote of 15-9 in approval of the truck depot zoning amendment at council earlier this month, we are disappointed to realize that councillors are not listening to residents and have neglected a petition with thousands of signatures. Furthermore, we now hear that there is a conflict of interest involved. This is an alarming situation, not only for this project’s affected neighbourhoods but also for future issues.

Our family immigrated to Canada more than a decade ago, from China. We witnessed fast-paced development in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The economy and the speed of development were prioritized above all other concerns, including residents’ health and lives. We don’t want Ottawa in that lousy situation for the sake of so-called development.

Grace Chen, Nepean

Highway 174 is our new speedway

Has anyone travelled Highway 174 lately – that section heading East between Blair and Trim Road? Does anybody care that the posted speed limit is 80 km/h? It does not appear to be the case.

I use this stretch of road several times a week. On any given day, I get the feeling I am the only one observing the posted speed limit in the clearly marked construction zone. Today, one individual seemed to be going at least 120 km/h and narrowly missed a truck coming onto the highway from the “construction area.” Where are the speed control cameras when you need them?

Wake up Ottawa Police Service; you could make a fortune in tickets in that small stretch of highway; maybe prevent a serious accident; or even save a life, if you increased your patrols along this stretch of the 174.

Denis Lalonde, Ottawa

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