OTTAWA —In what is shaping up to be a considerable shakeup of Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s federal cabinet, Catherine McKenna is being shuffled out of her environment and climate change portfolio and will be replaced by Jonathan Wilkinson, CTV News has learned.

McKenna will take on the role of infrastructure and communities, which is expected to have some overlap in terms of the work she has been doing when it comes to flood mitigation and green infrastructure. Wilkinson will be moving into this new role from fisheries and oceans.  

During her four-year tenure in the environmental portfolio McKenna faced considerable backlash online and real security threats, and recently Alberta Premier Jason Kenney called for her to be shuffled into a new portfolio in this coming shuffle.

Trudeau is unveiling the members who will make up the 29th federal ministry tomorrow at Rideau Hall at 1:30 p.m. EDT and already signs indicate there will be many moving parts.

Speculation has swirled in Ottawa since the election resulted in the Liberals being knocked down to minority government status. With the 43rd Parliament kicking off on Dec. 5 the new roster of ministers have two weeks to get briefed up on their files and departmental responsibilities.

A few current ministers arrived at the Ottawa airport on Tuesday, to get sworn-in as MPs they said, demurring on their whereabouts tomorrow. Each of the 338 MPs are in the process of being sworn-in as members of Parliament, in the House of Commons. It’s a different ceremony and oath than those who enter cabinet.

“I’m hoping to be sworn-in tomorrow as a member of Parliament,” Blair said, adding that his ceremony is at 9 a.m. Then what? “Well, I’ve got lots of work to do and I’ll get to it,” he said.

“I would be honoured to have any position… We’ll see tomorrow,” said Rural Economic Development Minister and Nova Scotia MP Bernadette Jordan. She spoke generally about the importance of gender balance and regional representation on the government’s front benches but said ultimately it’s the decision for Trudeau to make.

With files from CTV News’ Glen McGregor