Ukraine leader asks MPs to annul court ruling on anti-corruption laws

KYIV — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has asked parliament to annul a Constitutional Court ruling striking down some anti-corruption laws, which campaigners said was a major setback in the fight against graft, and to re-instate them.

The request, in a presidential draft submitted to parliament early on Friday, is the latest move in tussle over corruption that Zelenskiy has said could jeopardize international aid.

The Constitutional Court this week ruled to abolish some anti-corruption laws, citing as excessive the punishment for false information on officials’ asset declarations. It also struck down some powers of the main NAZK anti-graft agency.

“The decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine … is null and void,” the presidential draft said, according to a copy reviewed by Reuters.

The president’s draft proposed restoring the anti-corruption laws that the Constitutional Court threw out. The NAZK denounced the court’s action as the destruction of the anti-corruption system.

The president also proposed dissolving the Constitutional Court and electing new members.

Parliament is due to vote on the draft but no date has been set. Zelenskiy on Thursday promised swift action, saying the draft was urgent and parliament must vote on it as soon as possible.

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