Weather: Wind chill near -21 Friday morning but temperatures set to soar over wet weekend

Are you going to be able to enjoy a few more skis before the weather turns warm?

Get ready for some wild temperature swings and some wet weather over the next few days.

While the actual temperature was -12 C at 6 a.m., Environment and Climate Change Canada forecast that wind chill could feel as cold as -21.

The good news is the temperature will rise to a high of 0 C today and while there’s a 30 per cent chance of flurries this morning, we’ll likely get a good look at some sunshine this afternoon.

Friday’s low is expected to be 8 C with an overnight wind chill near -13. A few clouds will mill about.

Saturday will be hot, hot, hot and messy, messy, messy. The temperature is expected to rise to 5 C – not far off from the record of 6.9 C set in 2002.

Before it gets too warm, snow – totalling somewhere around 2-4 cms – is expected in the morning. There’s a chance that not much of it will accumulate – at least not in crystalline form – as rain (remember rain?) may get thrown into the mix. Watch out for puddles the size of large lakes.

Saturday night will be cloudy with a low of -4 C.

More rain is expected on Sunday. The high will be 4 C and the low that night may not drop below freezing.

Monday – the first of March – is expected to be a mix of sun and cloud as the daytime temperature hovers near 0 C. The temperature is then set to plummet. The low is expected to bottom out at -17 C. Expect strong winds.

So-called normals for this time of the year are highs near -2 C and lows near -11 C.

Tuesday will be a mix of sun and cloud again with a more seasonal high of -3 C and low of – 7 C.

There’s a chance of flurries on Wednesday as the temperature is set to once again rise above freezing.

We’re now more than 15% of the way through 2021.

Happy Friday!

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